Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Before and After: My side chair

I couldn't come up with a clever title so that's it...kind of boring.  It doesn't really reflect how giddy I am about the fact that my boring side chair had it's work done, spent a couple of weeks at a "spa somewhere in Arizona" (place where all of those celebs go after their plastic surgery so no one sees them with all of the bruises and bandages), and is now back with me looking 20 years younger!!
If you remember THIS previous post, my chair was showing its age and wasn't exactly the life of the party.
And here he is now!
 I may have taken a little too many pictures because of how excited I was...sorry about that.
 Doesn't he look fab??  I am trying out different pillows for him, but he even looks good without one!
 The print is perfect for the rest of the room, and I'm glad I decided not to paint the pretty wood white.  Up against the white built-ins, it would have been too much. 
I also have a couple of sneak peeks for you...
Remember THIS post about my dining curtains and having trouble deciding on fabric?  Well, I never decided on any and have been patiently waiting for some to fall into my lap.  Like that was going to happen.  I have also been eyeing THIS fabric online for quite some time now.
Do you see that price?  $24.99.  No thank you.  But today, as I walked in the fabric store to pick up my cushions, what did I see, but a roll of this amazing fabric.  And the price? $14!!!!  I literally picked up the roll before someone else snatched it from me and ran straight to the counter.
 Now it's safely at home with me, waiting to be my living room curtains.  I can't wait!
And one more BIG suprise...
Yes, this is a picture of the side of my house from the front porch.  And my trim is now white and my bricks are now grey.  We are getting our house painted!!!  It was kind of on a whim, and we just decided to go for it.  It already looks 1,000 times better.  I will be sure to share the before and afters when the job is complete.  It's like a new house!
Ok, I think that's enough excitement for today.  More to come soon!


  1. LOOOOOVING that chair!! The fabric is A-mazing! So great. xoxoxo

  2. I agree, this turned out amazing! I thought the original chair was cute, but WOW! Do you mind sharing what fabric store you used to have it done?

  3. Monica, I used Cindy at Discount Fabrics on Summer. If you haven't been there, you need to check it out!! It's a great store.

  4. I like the fabric you used to cover your mid-century modern chair cushions!


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