Friday, April 22, 2011

Bright and Airy Living Room Curtains!

Last week I posted about the awesome fabric I found for my living room curtains. The curtains that I was using were pieces of fabric that I had new-sew hemmed. They were really dark and had been used in our previous home. 
This room has NO overhead lights (I guess in the 50's everyone wanted to be in the dark??) and it is impossible to get good light in there. Since I can't afford to have all new lighting wired into that room right now, I went for an easier solution: use bright fabric to help lighten up the space!
Here is what the room looked like soon after we moved in:
A little scary, I know... I'm really regretting getting rid of that blue carpet. That blue carpet was the FIRST thing to go!!
The next two pics show the house a few months later with furniture/drapes/rug and new paint and floors. Much better, but pretty dark. This is sadly the room with all of the furniture that we didn't have a place for anywhere else in the house (I think we all have a room like this)!

Below is the room with my new drapes! You'll also notice it is missing something...ok, everything. All of the seating is now used in other spots in the house. The smaller chair got a makeover HERE, and the leather chair is in the great room for watching TV. I have a blank slate in there now. There is a rug on the way (on back order until June but I'm being patient) and the piano that weighs about 100 tons is not going anywhere any time soon!
These are IPhone pics so I know they are still kind of dark, but you get the idea of how these drapes are letting the natural light into the room much better than the previous ones.
And what's really crazy is how our new white trim paint on the front porch makes our room brighter! Who knew!
Here is a close-up of the fabric. I LOVE it. 
Here is a view from the other side of the room. And the dog staring at his frisbee in the yard. Such a one-track mind. I usually move him out of pictures but I gave up today.
Hopefully I will have updates soon with actual furniture pieces in the room! I like the idea of "building" and "layering" a room though, so it will probably be one piece at a time. 
Everyone have a great Friday and enjoy the little patches of sunshine in between the rain!

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