Sunday, November 7, 2010

My house...built-in project.

Last Spring, I posted about a built-in project that we had been working on for a few months. Over the Summer, it was pretty much completed, but we have just now put the finishing touches on it. My husband built the entire thing from scratch! And no, this is not what he does for a living. He's an accountant. In case you missed it, you can see the post with before and during pictures HERE.
Below is a picture of the finished product!!
I am still trying to fill my shelves. There are alot! Some people tell me I have a problem with having to have everything symmetrical, but I don't see it...

He also installed lights in the shelving to showcase whatever we are displaying. We have actually been using these lights more to light the room than anything else.

Here is a view of one of the lights that he installed. I helped paint the shelves, and we used several coats of primer followed by several coats of oil-based white in the same color as our trim. We used oil-based for easy clean-up.
I am starting to aquire things for the shelves. This is a little guy that I picked up for $10 after my Junior League shift at Merry Marketplace, a Christmas/Gift show here in Memphis. I love him!
I love the color of this vase on the left. I got it at a thrift shop for $2! I am going with mostly golds, muted blues, and oranges in the room.
I have also started working on the rest of the space. This is a VERY awkward room with an annoying brick wall that has an opening to the kitchen...a sectional was really the only way to go in here, and I found one at the Pottery Barn outlet. I made a HUGE mistake buying any variation of white, and keep fur removers can see one of the fur culprits in the window.
The pillows I made myself from fabric I have been collecting and the funky yellow lamp was a $4 thrift store find! The shade is from West Elm but I found it still in the box at a yard sale for $1. The art I did myself, and my husband made the frame for me out of peices of wood that I painted to look like a gold-finished frame. The total for the art was about $28...not bad.
I am still working on side tables, as well as the other half of the room!
We have come a long way...this is what the room looked like when we bought the house.
And this is it so far...I am so excited about how useable this room is now. I will post more on it once I have new drapes and other things that I am working on...
This is just a close-up of my pillows. The far left was a discontinued print from Laurie Smith. She is one of my favorites and I had to hunt for a remnant on ebay! I only had enough to do the fronts of those pillows so the backs are just cream.
I look forward to sharing more improvements to the room as we make them!!


  1. Looks sooo great! Very impressive. Tell Hollis he's one handy man!! I laugh every single time I see those before pictures! hahaha

  2. Lauren the built in looks amazing! Nice work!!

  3. Wow. Lauren that is all SO beautiful!!! Love the shelves!


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