Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sneak Peek...the den

Last week, I shared some pictures/ideas from a project that I am working on. I thought I would also share our progress in the den so far. And I even have a mid-way point picture so you can see how far we've come! This is an awesome den with a wood-burning fireplace and ridiculously high ceilings. The problem lies in the fact that it currently isn't being used. And with winter coming soon, the homeowners really want to enjoy the fireplace. So, we came to the conclusion that a TV was pretty much a necessity if anyone was actually going to hang out in there. This helped to figure furniture position and function.
The idea for this room: to create continuity between the grays in the fireplace stone and the gold on the wall while opening up the room and keeping it casual. Here are a couple of pics of the room when we started.
Here is the plan: Grays, golds, and browns in some really fun prints. The damask will be window treatments with the other two fabrics as pillows. And the daimond pattern will be an awesome new rug! We will be reusing the leather couch from the living room. We also will need a media table for the TV and the plan is to also have two smaller sitting chairs to stay in front of the table for extra seating when entertaining.
And here is a work in progress picture of what is going on so far. We are still missing the draperies as well as some pillows, but the room is already looking great! Once it is complete I will post the updated pics!
We decided to mount the TV on the wall and hide all of the cables/wires in the other room, which is just a mud room. So no messy accessories! The coffee table is a piece that is special to the family that was also taken from the living room. We will give it some fun accessories to help update its look a little!
Look for more updates soon!

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