Thursday, October 14, 2010

Back From Summer...err...Fall Break!

So, I know you probably gave up on me ever blogging again, but I'm back! The truth is, I've been extremely busy with lots of good stuff, and I decided to take the Summer off from blogging...which turned into part of Fall as well!
For this post, I wanted to share a little about what I have been working on. Last Spring, I had the privilege of staging a home here in Memphis for a great couple who welcomed me into their life like we were old friends! I was pretty new to town and I really appreciated their friendship. We have stayed great friends since then, and after their house sold, they purchased a BEAUTIFUL new home! It is fairly new construction with some rustic/natural touches, which is totally them.
The problem was, it was decorated with a mixture of the old homeowner's over-the-top formal decor and their own furniture that was a mix of things from before the two were married.
They were ready for a total makeover to fit them and their home, and I was flattered that they asked me to help!
It is a big house with big rooms, but we are trying to tackle a room at a time and so far we are finding some great things!
First up is their living room:
This room has an entire wall of french doors (which was quite the challenge) and has some great custom touches. You can see though that the curtains are a bit much for the laid-back feel of the house, and the furniture could use some sprucing-up. Don't worry though, we are re-using this couch in another space!
Here is another view of the windows. These are stationary panels that don't actually function, just for show. Our plan was to create new panels that would sit in the same place, but could pull across the doors for privacy.
This is a view of the living room looking at the fireplace. This couch will be replaced by a chocolate sectional that sits on the far right wall and turns to face the fireplace. This will give them functional seating and make the most of this long room! We will also get a new, leather recliner to sit in front of the window wall. A new rug and a couple of small chairs to flank the fireplace will give this room almost 2 times the current seating! And it still will feel bigger than it does now!
This is one of my inspiration fabrics to be used for throw pillows. It was a bit of a splurge but is so soft and the colors are absolutely beautiful!
The top fabric will be the new drapes (I got it for a steal...and actually bought all that was left, possibly in the whole world...I couldn't find it anywhere else!). The bottom fabric will be more throw pillows.

This is the inspiration board that I put together for the homeowners. They loved it! And so do I! I think it is perfectly sophisticated/casual, which is exactly what they are!
There will be more to come soon and I will also post some pics of our progress! I have also been working on some projects around my own house that I will post soon!

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  1. I am glad you are back at blogging. I can't wait to see more pictures of your projects!


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