Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY Easy and Personalized Name Banner

I created this banner for a friend's baby shower this Summer, and began a post on it, but for some reason never finished it. I thought I would share it now. Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean I have to post about a Christmas DIY, right?
First, I picked up several scrapbook sheets from Hobby Lobby. These are usually between 25-50 cents a piece, and are regularly 40-50% off. I just stuck with a certain color scheme.
Next I used some brown construction paper I had in my craft bin and used a plastic cup to trace circles. I wanted to use these on each triangle of the banner to be a background for the letters for the baby's name.
I then cut out enough triangles for each letter of the name, plus a couple of extra to make sure that the banner was long enough. If the baby has a fairly long name, you wouldn't have to cut extras.

I had these left-over blue letters also in my craft bin from a project a couple of years back. I also used them for another decoration for the same shower. You can see the scrap fabric wreath I made HERE.
I then laid everything out to make sure it was turning out how I wanted. I had picked up a couple of painted wood characters at Hobby Lobby while I was there since I knew that 4 triangles weren't going to be enough. I thought the little alien and space ship were cute but not too cheesy or "baby". Once I had it looking how I wanted, I used craft glue to glue each layer of the banner. So simple!!
I also picked up some jute string at Hobby Lobby and some mini clothespins. I can't tell you how many other projects I have used that string for since.  Totally worth the couple of bucks!
I measured out the string the length that I needed it, and then used 2 pins on each triangle, securing them to the string. I then just used painters tape which I hid under my lamps to secure the banner.
I think I probably spent a total of 7 dollars for this project. And I had so many left-overs of the supplies, that I have been able to use it all for other projects here and there. I loved how it turned out and it helped personalize the shower in a cute way!!


  1. What size scrapbook paper did you use? and how big were the triangles approximately?

    1. Hi Kaylyn,
      The scrapbook paper is the big square pieces that they sell at Hobby Lobby...they usually have 2 entire rows for them, usually in the back.
      I don't know the exact size of the triangles but you can get around 3 of them out of one sheet of paper...
      I hope that helps! I wish I had more exact measurements for you!


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