Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We're Back! Just In Time for Some Christmas Updates!

I have no good excuse for being gone so long...just lots going on and nothing too interesting on the DIY front. But I have been working on a few things that I'll show you soon! And an entire house that I will post before and afters of as soon as I get some "afters". You will be blown away by the transformation!
But for now, I wanted to show you some of my Christmas cheer that I have spread around the house. I decided to only do one tree this year (lots of construction in the master bedroom/bathroom going on and there's not a lot of extra space). So I combined my 2 normal schemes and threw in a lot of natural/rustic touches for good measure. I decided to use a lot of what I already had and incorporate a couple of new touches. Think rustic-glam.

In our den we have a pretty ugly fireplace, but i just decided to embrace it this year. So I made a wreath with just a basic hobby lobby vine wreath and made some felt flowers with hot glue to add a soft touch. I used the nail above the mirror and hung it there. Then I used some of my thrift store collection of milk glass and used some branches to make a "natural" arrangement. I think these basic pieces look great with our nativity, which is hand carved wood from Israel (I think...or something close to that :)
Here is another view. And I have no idea why it's crooked...apparently I should never go into photography as a profession. Thinking of spray-painting some more branches gold and adding them to the mix... (side note: you will see gold and siver mixed all over my house...I have no problem mixing these two shinies...I think it's chic.)
Also in my den on the coffee table are these kind of rustic-silver reindeer from Target a few years back. I paired them with a McCarty Bowl from my collection (if you are a girl and you are from Mississippi, you have McCarty! You can read more about them HERE). I filled the bowl with heavy glass ornaments that I have collected over the years. I'm too afraid to actually hang them on the tree!!
I also used a table runner from Target from maybe 2 seasons ago, and I think it gives it just enough flair.
In my living room on my piano, I used these Target trees that I know are SO 3 years ago...but I still love them. I used some more of my McCarty bowls and filled them with extra red ornaments.
I also used a burlap runner that I had on my table for fall to add a natural touch.
This small nativity was the only one that I had until last year, but I love it. It was made by a close family friend, and when a candle is placed in the top, the whole thing glows. It is really cool!!
I used my white tree this year, and I combined my super-glam blue and red ornaments. One of the ways I added a natural touch, was by using branches as the topper. My ceiling really isn't tall enough for one, so I improvised with these. I really like how it turned out.
Here is the best view I can give you of both the tree and piano top. I am the worst Christmas-tree-picture-taker! I can never do them justice!! Anyone have any tips?
To bring in more of the natural/rustic feel, I used burlap instead of tulle or garland. I literally cut a few yards into thinner strips, and bunched it every few branches. SO easy!
A closer shot of some of my ornaments. I love this glass owl I found at Target last year.

Here is another room shot...I don't have a wide angle lense so this is all I got :)
My dining room, which is off the living room, got a fun and easy centerpiece...
I found a long tin, footed planter at Goodwill and 3 tall white dollar store candles. I used a dab of hot glue to secure each candle, and cut 4 small squares of floral foam to place in between each one. Then I went into my yard and found Christmas-looking plants and went to cutting.
I just stuck the cuttings in the foam, added a few extra ornaments I had left over after decorating the tree, and called it a day. I love how simple it is and how it only cost around $5.
Last view...promise! I'm really proud of it if you can't tell! And more on the cart behind it in the next post...
I'll leave you for today with my view from the den couch, which is where I spend a lot of time because that's where the fireplace is. It will give you a better idea of how everything ties together. And yes, that's my dog. More than likely if I'm on the couch, so is he. So I just embrace the fact that he might make it into a picture or two...just keepin' it real!
I'll be back soon to show you the living room and hopefully a fun and easy outdoor decor idea!


  1. I heart your Christmas decor & have missed your amazing blogging skills! :)

  2. Looks awesome!!! I love the red and blue combined.. and the burlap in the tree looks fab. Now come do mine.

  3. Thank you ladies! And Lexy I would love to come do yours...I will need airfare as payment. :)

  4. So pretty. Love your color pallette!

  5. Everything looks great but I especially love your white tree. So pretty! :)

  6. I love the way your white tree glows. Beautiful.


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