Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our Dining Room

Our dining room sits in the center of our house. I can see the backyard and the front yard from it and I love that. It is challenging because it is not very big and is pretty square. And also because it ends up being more of a walkway through the house than a dining room. When we bought the house, it had some really great (sarcasm) 80's wallpaper in pinks, blues, and purples. I don't know how we missed getting a picture of that awesomeness, but this is a picture of what was under that wallpaper...more wallpaper! It actually had kind of a cool/retro look to is, as it was circa 1957, but it was too damaged to save. So two layers, a lot of spackling, and a lot of sanding later, we had the original walls!

Dining Room...In between layer one and two of wallpaper. You can get an idea of what the first layer looked like by the pieces all over the floor. The blue carpet was nice too.

This is our dining room after an entire day of wallpaper removal.

Next was a fresh coat of paint, taking out the doors to the great room, which really opened up the space, and covering up the textured bottom-half of the wall to start on the creation of wainscoting.

Next I tackled my chandelier. The brassy finish was really dated, but I thought it had potential. So we took it down, and I gave it a few coats of white spray paint!

This is the light now! Painting it gave it a great updated look! For about $2!

This is my dining room now...looking through to the front yard. We are still not finished with the wainscoting and picture-hanging, but it is a huge improvement!

My dining room looking through to the back yard (sorry for the dog tail in the corner! )


  1. What is wainscotting? Please and Thank you.

  2. Sorry...after looking it up it is only spelled with one T.
    Here is a link.

  3. im basically obsessed with wainscoting! i love it, lauren! you are so talented!


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