Monday, February 15, 2010

My tank top found a new home

I sometimes find really great deals that I don't need, but that I know I might wear eventually. OK, I do this alot. I know I'm not the only one :) This happened a few months back when I found a tank top with a really pretty print at an outlet for $8...and it had a little red dot which meant it was 50% off! Who can pass up an Ikat print tank for 4 bucks?? Not me!

After sitting in my closet for quite some time, it was getting bored. I have tried it on more times than I can count, but it just never quite looked right. But I refused to part with it because the print was so "in", so I kept it in hopes to turn it into something great; I just wasn't sure what!
Last week, a friend gave me a link to this blog post. This girl and I must be kindred spirits because her story was identical to mine! And her end result was a really cute pillow. So, using her as inspiration, I set out to make my own! This is how I did it:

First, I measured the shirt to see how much material I could get out of it

I found some old pillows in my closet, so I took the ugly cover off and used the filler.

I cut the pillow open and pinned/cut/sewed to create a new shape since the shirt wasn't big enough to make a complete square.

I used some of the old stuffing to re-stuff the pillow and then sewed it up!

Here is the finished pillow! I used the buttons just to add a little extra.
Didn't want to waste anything!

It is currently hanging out on my bed with some other pillows that I made. It is having a lot more fun than it was in my closet!

My happy bed!


  1. You are so resourceful, Lauren! I am very impressed. I will be contacting you for sewing advice!

  2. That looks great. I really like the print and it looks fantastic on your bed.


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