Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How a few changes make a big difference!

Home staging means different things for different homes. Sometimes it is new paint/furniture/accessories, sometimes it is pretty accent pillows, vases, and rugs, and sometimes it is something as simple as camera angles (80% of buyers decide if they want to see a house by pre-shopping onlilne) and furniture placement. These are a couple of examples of this; when small changes make big differences.
This is a really great home that I recently had a consult for in Germantown. They had great neutral walls, furniture, etc... But when looking at the pictures online, the house looked cramped, crowded, and small. When I got to the house I realized that none of these things were true. The homeowner didn't want to move anything to storage or spend much on new things, so we worked on what we had.

This was a view of the den/family room area. It was a great space that was connected to the kitchen, but the couch placement completely blocked the flow of the room, and the counter in the picture made it hard to tell how much space was actually in the room.

Here is an after pic. The room looks so much bigger! The counter is out of the picture and we have re-arranged the couches without moving anything out of the room.

Here is another view of the room. You can see the same problem. It looks like the eat-in area is forced into the space, and the size of the room is really hard to estimate.

This is the after pic. We have kept most of the table out of site and it is easy to see how much space is in the room!

Here is a bedroom in the same house. It is really personal with lots of pics that clutter the room and make it way too personal. Also, there is NO color anywhere!

In this after pic, you can see how easily a colorful bedspread and a couple of pillows bring so much color into the room! Also, removing all of the personal pics and replacing them with one neutral wall hanging helps put the attention back onto the room, not the homeowner's things.

This is a room in an East Memphis home that was used as a home office/yankees shrine/doggie home/etc... For buyers, you want to give your room one main purpose so that it is easy for them to picture what they would use the room for.

You can see we just removed all of the personal wall hangings and clutter, most of the unnecessary furniture, and re-positioned what was left to give the room a purpose. We also hid the doggie home so that it wasn't so prominent in the room. (Side note: this home sold the first day on the market! :)
Often times it just takes a pair of fresh eyes to come in and see the possibilities that your home holds! That is why staging your home before putting it on the market is so important!!


  1. Good job! You're the best home stager I know. :)

  2. Fantastic staging, Lauren! Your blog is one of my favorites:) ~Monica


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