Thursday, March 4, 2010

March's Southern Living Project!

While I am still waiting for something to sprout from last month's project, a cool weather herb box, I am on to this month's project.
I want to try something different each month, so this month I decided to look for some easy, practical, and fun recipes.
I have narrowed it down to a snack (because snacks are the #1 food in our house), and a drink (Because I am so excited about springy, sunny weather where you can sit in the back yard and sip a fun, fruity drink! Well, maybe not OUR backyard unless we get our mosquito issues under control...)

My first project will be Benne Brittle. Can't be too hard, right? It's only 3 ingredients! Sesame seeds, sugar, and vanilla extract. My kind of recipe :)

The second recipe I am trying is the Mango Tango Tea. Sound Yummy! I'm thinking a "long island" version might be fun too :) There isn't a picture of how it is supposed to look, but I am going to add the ice cube idea from this drink recipe, which also sounds yummy. How fun are blueberry ice cubes?!

I am going to hopefully try these out within the next couple of weeks, so I will report back on how they turned out! I really appreciate how Southern Living includes recipes like this that are do-able for those of us who aren't gourmet cooks!


  1. I think you should try this out when I'm coming to stay with you! Guests are the best taste-testers.

  2. my mom makes fruit ice cubes in all of our fruity drinks and it is the best idea ever! i dont know why i forget to do it!

  3. Alexis, I think you are right. Why don't you just take a little road trip :)
    And Lexie, your mom sounds so creative. I is such an easy idea. Why don't I do it more often??


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