Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Springing Your House Forward!

It is finally starting to feel like Spring (sort of), and every Spring I can't wait to freshen up my house! I have never been a big "Easter" decorator, because so many of the options for this holiday are either geared toward kids, or they are just super cheesy. This year, I decided to try to find some pretty things that were geared more toward Spring, and didn't scream Easter bunnies (OK, a few of these scream easter bunnies, but they are the exception).
This is a table setting from I am still in mourning over the recent closing of the Memphis Pottery Barn, so I will have to get my fix online. I love how the centerpiece is a Springy but simple flower arrangement in a basket. And the egg-shaped bowls are toned down by all of the other more natural pieces used on the table.

These nest votive holders are really cute and simple. Perfect for Spring! They are also from Pottery Barn.

These eggs with muted tones are more grown-up than the typical kiddie-eggs. And they are really pretty with a little greenery in these glass containers. Also from Pottery Barn.

OK, this is where things get a little more "Eastery". But how cute would this bright yellow little bird pillow be on a side chair in a kid's room?? I found it on

This is another find and I think it is adorable! And less than $7. It is very Anthropologie-ish but with a much nicer price tag.
This is another Etsy pillow that is very bright and Springy and perfect for Easter. In the right setting, these could brighten up your home/apartment/condo in no time and add a little bit of personality at the same time!
Other easy ways to bring your house out of hibernation:
Place some fresh flowers in pretty vases on tables/ can find some great flowers at the grocery store, belive it or not!
For those of you Mississippi girls with your Peter's/McCarty pottery bunnies scattered around your house, bring them all together and make a Spring Statement on a shelf or coffee table!
Change out your throw pillows with some bright, floral prints!
What else do you do in your home to make if feel more Springy?

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  1. Great ideas, Lauren! I like the idea of bringing spring into your home through subtle decorating & not over decorating:) ~Monica


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