Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easy Plate Shelves

I have been collecting plates for a while and my husband was starting to wonder why we have an entire collection of mis-matched plates. So, I asked him to build me a couple of plate shelves so that I could display my wonderful finds!

I gave him my measurements and specifications, and he went to work. He built 2 long boxes and even put a groove all the way across the top of the shelves so that my plates would have a snug fit in their new home! Then, I primed and painted them and they were ready to go. He left the back of the shelves open and mounted a long piece of wood on the wall that fit in the open area of the shelf. This made it easy to slide the shelf right onto the board and after securing it with a couple of screws, it was complete!
These are my new shelves! I am loving how much color the plates bring to my dining room wall!
This picture shows the groove in the top of the shelf. Also, they stick out from the wall far enough so that if I want to use them for something other than plates, it won't be a problem.
This is a not-so-close-up view of my wall. Don't worry, I have more plates that I can use to change out if I get tired of these :)
You could very easily add crown molding to these for a different look, but I really like the clean lines of is similar to the lines of the molding already in the room. These shelves were less than $50 to make, and after pricing them elsewhere, that is a steal!


  1. Where did you get all your plates?

    1. Hi,
      They all came from different places...some from Anthropologie, Pier 1, Urban Outfitters, TJ Maxx, and I think one or two from Pottery Barn.


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