Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dining Table and Chairs Before and After!

My dining room table and chairs are finally finished!  It took me a long time to decide on a fabric, and at first I thought I was going to actually sew all of the cushions.  I pretty quickly realized that I was going to take the easy way out...staple gun+fabric=easy way to cover cushions.  And I am SO glad that I did!  It was really easy and looks great!
Just to remind you of where I started, here is my old table and chair combo (from college):
And here is my new table when I started($10 from a garage sale):
Here is my dining room now!!
Here is another view.  I decided to go with a print for the fabric but something neutral since the chairs will probably be used in different rooms for parties or when a lot of people are over.
Here is what the chairs looked like when I got them.  I used a spray paint primer followed by a coat of white spray paint (you can see them in-progess HERE).  It worked perfectly and I didn't have to worry about brush strokes!
Here is the after.  I love them!
And yes, there is a lot of stuff in my living room that's not normally there...having floors re-finished will kind of turn your house upside-down.
I literally just used our heavy-duty staple gun and stapled the new fabric right over the old.  I was worried that you could see through it, but you can't at all.  This made my life so much easier!  If you do this with a print, just make sure that your fabric lines up so that it's not crooked!
These pillows probably won't stay, but they needed a temporary home, and I like them with the green hydrangeas from my yard!
I like how you can see the fabric from the back too.  I think this room has so much character now!  The fabric was $9 a yard from Premier and I used 2 yards.  So $18 for the cushions.  Not bad!



  1. Those look FAAAAAB! So crafty you are!!!

  2. I am VERY impressed w/ both the table & chairs - they look amazing!

  3. Very nice...I like the contrast between the table and the chairs. It came together beautifully!

  4. Very pretty transformation of the chairs! Love the fabric! :)


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