Friday, December 3, 2010

A DIY Christmas

Decorating for Christmas can sometimes be stressful, but it shouldn't be! For me it is a fun time to unwrap all of my fun ornaments and to come up with easy ways to fill in the gaps in my holiday decor. I wanted to share with you a few easy things that you can do yourself that would cost much more if you bought similar items in the store!
I do need to start with a disclaimer: I know that I have the worst camera/lighting on the planet, so please forgive the not-so-perfect pictures. One day I will decide to invest in a new camera!
This is my "traditional" tree in my formal living room. I call it traditional because my house is a little bi-polar when it comes to Christmas decor. About half of my house is the normal red and green, but I also have lots of blue and silver, which you will see in a bit.
Just one of my favorite ornaments on this tree :)
Now, on to the DIY part...I wanted a wreath to coordinate with my tree that could sit over my mantel in the fireplace room, but I didn't want to pay a fortune. So, I went to...Wal-Mart (which will probably be my only trip there this year), and bought a bare wreath for $10! I then bought an 8 pack of ornaments for $5 and some little sparklies for $1 a piece. I got the tulle at Merry Marketplace which I mentioned in my previous post, for only $5 a roll!
Here is a close up of my wreath! It probably totalled around $20 when all was said and done. Not bad! I wired the ornaments to the wreath and I threaded the tulle through gaps and then used wire to secure them to the metal back of the wreath.
I used some of the same tulle/ornaments for a quick spruce-up of the mantle. I just used wire hooks to attach the ornaments to the tulle. Very easy and cheap!
All of this DIY decor is really helping my dated fireplace/mantel. I love how easy it all was! I was finished in about 30 minutes!! The stockings were an after Christmas clearance buy at Dillards a few years back...I think I got both for a total of $5. That's hard to beat!
Now, on to my other color scheme. I have a white tree with teal/silver ornaments in our Great room, and believe it or not, my house doesn't feel quite as disconnected as you might think...
This is my tree (with my newly made drapes, which will be another post!). Last year, I needed a wreath to go along with this color scheme, and it is nearly impossible to find one. So that is where the idea to make one came from. I did the same thing for this wreath that I did for the one on the mantel.
I decided to bunch up several of my ornaments and then used a couple of different wire ribbons. I already had the ornaments, and the ribbon was super-inexpensive, so I think the total for this one was around $15!
Here is my wreath hanging where I have yet to hang a mirror that I have yet to find :) It definitely fits there perfectly for now!
Now, on to my built-ins. They are new, so this was their first year to be decorated! I just used some white/silver tulle and added a few ornaments I already had to spruce up this top shelf. I found the ornament trees at Target for 75% off a few years ago, and the mirror was a $5 thrift store find.
I took out an additional shelf on each side and used these hurricane vases that I have had for years. I borrowed some more ornaments from the tree and filled it up. Last, and this was so easy, I took branches that had fallen in my yard, and used some silver spray paint to turn them into Christmas decor! They look like little art displays!
This is one side of my built-ins. I didn't want to go overboard and do Christmas on every shelf, so I kept it simple. And yes, I have 2 sets of stocking...these were from Pottery Barn a couple of years ago and I actually bought them at full price, but they were specially priced at $19.99 and I couldn't pass it up! I knew I would use them for years.
Here is the entire built-in, all ready for Christmas! The lights at the top really help to showcase all of the shimmery, sparkly Christmas things! I hope this will inspire you to take on some simple DIY projects that are easy and won't cost you a fortune!

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