Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mirror Re-vamp

I like to check out the HUGE local Goodwill every couple of weeks to see if there are any pieces with potential. I usually find at least one thing and for the past few weeks I had been eyeing a large mirror that was the perfect size/shape that I had been looking for to go over the linen press in my great room. I mentioned looking for one HERE. I finally decided to break down and spend the $29.99 that it was going to cost. At first glance it is definitely not pretty, but had potential to be awesome.
Here it is after sitting in my garage for a few weeks. I think it originally sat long-ways above a dresser. I am using it vertically.
My plan was to re-paint it the same way that I painted the picture frame above my couch that I showed you HERE. I stuck paper in all of the edges to protect the mirror, and then I sprayed a layer of black paint. When that was dry, I came back and lightly sprayed gold paint over the black section by section, using a small brush to spread the gold as I went along.
Here is the mirror all spruced up and at home above the linen press! I still need a couple of accessories to go in between the lamps, but I will figure those out later. I am so happy with the size and shape! For a more casual look I could have kept it black or painted it a clean white, but I wanted it to look a little more formal and sophisticated in this space.
I also love how it reflects our built-ins and adds some color and light to that wall. For a total of $30 (because I already had the spray paint), I got a huge mirror that would have cost hundreds had I bought it from a retailer. I think that's a steal!
Stay tuned for some more of my DIY projects. The weather is finally above freezing so I am starting to trudge through my "to do" pile in the garage!


  1. I have that SAME mirror from Goodwill!! Why would anyone get rid of this mirror- it has such a great shape! I never thought to hang it vertically!

  2. I agree! The shape is great. And I just looked at yours! So cute!! I just hung mine vertically because that is what I had pictured in my mind before I actually found a mirror to go in the space!


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