Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thrifted Thursday: Vintage Fan

This week's Thrifted Thursday is a little different. I have been in Mississippi for the past 2 weeks helping go through my grandparents' house. You may remember the post about my grandfather earlier this year HERE.
It was a physically and emotionally draining process, but it was also fun to find little treasures along the way.
So this week's finds are from my grandparents' house, and were free. So I definitely consider them "thrifted".
 They had a large collection of Reader's Digest books...every single one from the early 50's to the mid-90's. We gave most away, but I snagged a few of the older ones with fun prints on their covers. These brass deer were sitting on an end table for as long as I can remember, and I thought they would work great with the other little brass critters I have around the house!
 I also grabbed this great vintage fan and have been working on cleaning it up since I got still needs some work, but is looking much better...and it works! I'm not sure that I need a fan in the dining room, but that's where it is sitting for now.
I'm sure these pieces will migrate around the house, but that space was empty, and they were the perfect fit!

I also grabbed some vintage/retro pieces that I am selling in my Etsy shop because we wanted them to go to a collector rather than be split up if given to a thrift store. If you like things like that, take a minute to check it out HERE! I'll be adding more things in the coming days.

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