Friday, April 8, 2011

My Photo wall is coming along...after a couple of minor detours

Once I get an idea about something, I like to do it.  This usually means staying up later than normal and making my husband drill or screw or nail something into the wall.  But I like to see immediate results. 
My wall is almost complete but there were a couple of casualties in the process.  Like this:
Picture me making a sad face when I saw this all over the couch/floor.  On its way down it took out a couple of other frames which now no longer have their glass.  I was pretty devastated.  But as you can see, I am determined to glue this guy back together.  I'm going to try to spackle the cracks and then spray paint it.  We'll see.
So after a few minor adjustments to my plan after the "jumper" took himself out, this is what I came up with.  I will say that the incident caused me to use a few screws for the heavier frames, and stick with my plan for the velcro strips for the rest.  I just don't trust those suckers to stay stuck up there, and the brick makes the sticky stuff a little less adhesive.
I used a mix of old and new photos of both family and friends to fill up the frames.  You'll notice that the two largest frames are still empty.  That's not some kind of abtract art.  I just don't have anything for them yet.  It's a large frame and I haven't decided what (if any) pictures I have that deserve to be that big and in your face.  Maybe this guy:
I know everyone always thinks their kid is the cutest, but I'm convinced mine really is...
I'll leave you with that adorable face today and I'll be sure to update you once I figure out what is worthy of the large frames!


  1. Haha...actually yes, I believe you are. And you should feel pretty good about that considering most of the others featured are actually related to me. I expect the same treatment to be given to me in your fab NY apartment. You have until June to make that happen :)


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