Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some recent finds/fabric decisions

So I took a few days off from blogging because I went out of town and it takes me a little while to get back on track.  This also means I haven't DIY'd anything lately but I have some potential projects on deck.  I just wanted to share with you a couple of them.
First, I found this great old sewing table at a thrift store and I just couldn't pass it up!
It is missing a middle piece I think.  I am planning on re-finishing or maybe even painting the top to give it some new life!  I'm thinking that it might sit in between the chairs that I don't have yet for my living room:
Ugh...SO dark in there right now!  The leather chair is gone so that helps (and it was night time in this pic)...but still... 
I also found these great pieces for super cheap a few weeks ago.  I think they were originally lamp shades, but I'm thinking they could be decorative bowls/holders-of-some-sort-of-accessory.

I just loved the design and since I am all about gold these days, I couldn't pass them up either.

Speaking of my living room, I have been trying for months to decide what fabric I wanted to use in there for my curtains.  Currently, the curtains are literally silk fabric that I hemmed using no-sew hem tape.  That involved hours of ironing folks, so I am quite proud of them.  But, now that I actually know how to use a sewing maching, I think I should step it up.  And I might as well do a print to liven up the space a tad.  I was fabric shopping yesterday and came across a couple of options:
Sorry, it's a little blurry.  This one has a white background with grays, greens, browns, and tans.  I like it, but I'm thinking it might be a little too mono-chromatic for me.  I feel like I need more color! 

This option I like better because of ALL of the colors to pull from, but I'm afraid it might be a little dark once up on the wall.  I have samples of these options along with some others hanging around my living room right now trying to see them in different lights. 
I have to take into consideration my rug, which is a floral-type print already.  So I might have to ditch these altogether and go with a non-floral print.  We will see!
I will post updates once I make a decision!


  1. Lauren -- Fun stuff! I am having curtains for my dining and living room made out of that first fabric (the neutral one). I'll show you how they look when they're done! :)

  2. I would LOVE to see them when they're done! I really like this fabric and am determined to use it somewhere...maybe my den if it doesn't work in the living room. It will really help to see it as an actual curtain and not a tiny swatch!!!

  3. I like the second one! Can't wait to see what you come up with! I also can't wait for you to visit! I am itching to sell all my stuff and start over with a shabby chic theme! I certainly can't do that on my own! Help!! :)


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