Monday, March 21, 2011

Before and After Staging

I realized that I haven't posted any staging pics lately, so I am going to try to do better about that.  The truth is that sometimes I forget to take "before" pics when I am performing my staging magic, so I don't always have any to share.  I am trying to do better about that as well.
I had the opportunity to recently help with a true bachelor pad.  It was a small but charming house that just had some really quirky aspects, the biggest being the master bath.  Take a look...who puts a tub in the middle of the room??  And a mirror with no vanity underneath?  Throw in some really old light fixtures and random shelves/towel racks everywhere, and this is what you get:
And here is the after:
Moving the white cabinet under the awkwardly placed mirror really helped balance the room.  Matching bath mats also helped.  Taking away the old towel rack and putting in an updated ring version along with new, updated lighting really helped as well!   But the biggest impact was the simplest...just opening up that shower curtain to get rid of the big white blob in the middle of the room!
Another awkward feature of the room was the front 2 rooms.  One seemed to be a dining room but was being used as an office, and the front living room was being used as a dining room.  No one wants to walk in to an office, so we switched things up a bit.
 Here is the after...we made it a true dining room to eliminate questions of what to do with the room.
To the right was the living room being used as a dining room.  We needed to try to at least give the idea that it could be used as a living space.
Here is the after.  Even adding a couple of chairs and a rug automatically changes the purpose and feel of the room.  You don't always need a full room of furniture to get the effect that you are looking for.

The guest bedroom was also challenging because of its small size and the fact that it was also being used to store a drum set.

After moving the set out and getting some bedding on the bed instead of clothes, the room looks 100 times better!!  With no drums it is easy to see the true size of the room.  Also notice throughout all of the pics how simply opening blinds makes a huge difference in the mood of the room.
 You can see the entire listing for this home HERE or click on any of the after pics to take you to the source.

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