Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring makes everything better!

It really soon as it gets warm and sunny, you immediately get pulled out of that post-Christmas funk.  March Madness, NASCAR is in full swing (I might be the only one getting excited about this), Daylight Savings, flowers blooming, pollen; OK almost everything about it is great.  Spring is just what you need after a long, dreary winter, even though we only get about 2 weeks of it here in the South before it is full-blown summer weather.  So I like to begin the Spring season at my home as early as possible because it is always gone way too fast!
I thought I would share a few snippets of where Spring has made its way into our home. 
Here is my new Spring addition this year, a cute bunny from Pottery Barn (I think he's all sold out online, but I just saw a bunch at the outlet here in Memphis) that can hold anything from candy, dip, or in this case, a few eggs that I picked up last year at Hobby Lobby.  I love how he's all lounged out.  He's in my kitchen right now.  Please ignore the awesome couter tops.  Who puts pink countertops in a house???  The people before us apparently.
Here is my favorite bunny from some of my McCarty collection.  He's sitting on my den coffee table with a bowl of candy.  Side note: Andes are the most amazing candy ever made.
 This is a happy yellow bird that I picked up at TJ Maxx for super cheap.  He's on my built-ins because I thought they needed a little cheering up.
Outside I planted pansies in my two big flower pots on the front porch this weekend.  I mixed colors because I couldn't decide which I liked best!  These always remind me of college and the Tri Delta house because there were always lots of them planted along the front walk way. 
One of my most favorite things about Spring is the opportunity to use my outdoor furniture/cushions!  I bought these at Pottery Barn about four years ago for regular price.  I hardly ever buy things not on sale and in season, but I splurged.  And I will say they have held up great and I still get a lot of use out of them!  So I think my investment definitely payed off.

Hope y'all are taking advantage of the wonderful weather out there!!

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