Thursday, January 28, 2010

A neutral personalized accessory...a great stager/homeowner compromise!

I found these on, and I think they are absolutely great!

They would make a great wedding or housewarming gift. And although they are personalized, there are no initials, embroidered family portraits (yes, THESE exist...and so do THESE), etc...; so don't fret stagers, these are safe!!!

And $60 for all 3 is not bad...but I'm thinking this might be a pretty easy DIY project!? Just some felt cut-outs on white 12x12 pillows.

Another fun find are these great note cards.

A set of 4 is just $4.25 and I think the colors are beautiful! This would be a easy, inexpensive wall-art solution. Just use simple white mat/black frame combos and turn these cards into a classy art grouping!

And finally, I love this little creative idea from Linen Jewelry Board!

This looks like another idea that wouldn't be too hard to tackle on your own. This is a GREAT way to make that big mess of jewelry that you have all over your bedroom/bathroom/etc... look much more stylish! And the seller is from Jackson, MS!

If you have some free time take a look at It has little hidden treasures everywhere and it can provide you with lots of inspiration for your own decorating projects!

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