Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Home...a work in progress.

This summer, we bought a 50-something year old home in East Memphis. It could have best been described as 50's design with some 80's updates. Scary, I know. Since we moved in, we have been updating away, starting with new/refinished floors, new paint, and new decor. We are also slowly adding some new (very minor) structural updates which eventually will include a new kitchen and bathrooms! For now, we are working on new, custom built-ins for the "Great Room". My husband is building them all HIMSELF! I will try to show the progress as those get closer to completion. Here are a few pics of the house as well as our latest "project". If you have questions about paint colors/flooring, please feel free to ask!

Our "Great Room" in its original state.

The Closet that we (my husband) knocked down.

The soon-to-be buit-in's that are going in place of the closet!

The tile that we layed ourselves at the back door!

Our Great Room now! Built-in's will be to the left.

Our guest bedroom pre-updates.

This is our guest bedroom now! Note the great hardwoods that were being covered up!

Our lovely den pre-updates

The Den with re-finished floors, fresh paint, and our furniture!


  1. Lauren! Amazing before and after! I am so calling you once we get our house!

  2. Thanks! I have some more pics that I will be posting soon...and you know I would LOVE to help you!!


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