Friday, January 15, 2010

My Latest Challenge

Last week, my brother moved into a new apartment! He asked me to help him "spruce it up" a little and after a few days of living in what closely resembled a mental institution, he started sounding kind of desperate. So I went home for a day to help. The challenging part, trying to make an old, off-white from top to bottom apartment feel like home...oh, and keep it masculine. Decorating a masculine room is much harder than you would think. After an intense day of shopping, nailing, hanging, and re-arranging, I think we accomplished this. And he was a great sport with the whole shopping thing!! Here are a few pics of his new and improved living room (I apologize for the quality of them, apartment lighting is not ideal)!

Living room view from front door wonder he was getting desperate for help!!

Living room now! We had to bring in color in other places like the rug, pillows, and accessories since apartment walls can't be painted.

Cozy recliner corner. We hung some floating shelves to provide an additional place to add color on the walls.

Another Living room view before.

Now! Notice we also used 84 " curtains for a punch of color. And over the TV is a great cost-effective tip...he had a long, bare wall and was not sure how to fill it, so I used an inexpensive floor-length mirror and turned in on its side. After flanking it with simple sconces it fills the wall without creating a cluttered look! Large mirrors are also great at making a small room feel larger!!

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