Friday, February 18, 2011

Ikea Frame makeover/Accessorizing my linen press

During my last trip to the thrift store, I found these 3 Ikea frames.  They had never been used and were still in the packaging.  They were a little scratched up but nothing that couldn't be fixed!  I was so excited about these because I had been looking for frames exactly like these but in gold and I knew I had some gold spray paint at home, so I snatched them up!
I knew I wanted something to sit on my linen press under my new mirror that I DIY'ed HERE to add some color, and these frames are just simple enough to not take away from the mirror.  So I took the frame apart and removed the plexi-glass, spray painted it, and put it back together with just a little watercolor I whipped up to test out color in that spot. 
Here is the frame with its new gold finish. I used some of my white accessories that didn't really show up enough in the built-ins.  I took the covers off of some of my books that all had similar color schemes and stuck them up there too.
So far I really like the color that it is adding in that space and how the orange complements the blue shades.
(Sorry, I forgot the flash) I think I hung my mirror a little too high, so I will probably be lowering it soon.  And honestly, I will probably change these accessories out several times, but it is definitely a start!

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