Friday, February 11, 2011

Dining Table Progress!

I posted recently about my dining room doing a little "growing up" and my plan for that.  You can read about that HERE, as well as get some tips to follow when selecting your own table.  Well, we now have one piece of the puzzle completed!!
Here is my table, all stained and pretty!
I LOVE the claw feet and how great they look with the dark stain.
It does have red undertones, but is not quite as red in person as it is in the picture.  I love how rich the wood looks with the stain.  And for around $10 for stain, the table comes to a grand total of $20!  Not bad considering my inspiration HERE!
I am now moving on to chairs, and am thinking something along these lines, no arms though:
I like the lines on the chair backs and I am thinking something in a white finish to contrast with the table.  I'm not sure i want an upholstered seat.  So maybe something more like this:
Since I didn't spend much on my table, I don't want to spend a fortune on my chairs either...if anyone has suggestions I am open to where to get the best deal on dining chairs!  And I am practically stalking Craigslist hoping that some will jump out at me!
And since my table has a leaf to accomodate 6 people if needed, I am also going to purchase 2 side chairs to sit at the head of the table when it's at its full size.  When they are not at the table, they will live in my living room in front of my front window, so I want them to be soft and comfy as well as functional.
This is an old picture...the leather chair is gone and my table accessories have changed, but you get the idea of where they will sit, flanking the window. I am looking for something along the lines of these:
Or these:

I can already tell I'm going to have trouble deciding!!  Help!
Once the chairs are selected, the final piece would be a new rug, since the one currently there is a little small and dark.  It will probably end up in a spare bedroom.
Anyone have an opinion/suggestions on chairs?  I would love your input!

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