Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's a snow day here so you get a quick tutorial in Picture Hanging 101

This is what it looks like outside of my house as I sit here in my comfy chair and do a little blogging:
Yes, I live in Memphis, TN and this is the 6th time this year that it has snowed!   Crazy!
In about 2 and 1/2 hours there are already about 2 inches on the ground. 
So, since I know I'm not the only one snowed-in for the rest of the afternoon, I thought we could have a quick lesson in picture/mirror/etc... hanging.
Lately, many of the homes that I have been in (and by been in, I mean for work) have had a common theme, bad picture placement.  Whether it is a large pic in a small space, or the picture is too high/low, it always seems to be something. 
There are a few simple rules to remember when hanging things on your walls. 
First, a picture needs to be (if at all possible), hung with the center at around average eye level (around 57 inches).  For me, this means a little above eye-level since I'm a shorty, but you get the idea.  This will help you when you have different sizes and shapes of frames and mirrors in your room.  Keep their centers the same and you will "have harmony among your hangings" (there's a little alliteration for you).
If you have a picture grouping, the same applies.  Keep the center of your grouping around eye level. 
Here is an example:
This is the art that sits over my couch.  The center is at about 60 inches, which is perfect for the space.  Now, if you have very tall ceilings, you might need to adjust this a little, but if it seems awkward, it might be the size of  your picture, not its placement.
This also brings up another point.  My couch is very low, so the picture sits higher than normal in relation to the back.  However, you want to try to keep art between 6-12 inches above the top of whatever furniture piece it is hanging over.  Again, this can vary if you have a very long piece of art, or a lower-than-usual furniture piece, which is the case here.
Now that you know the correct height for your pictures, you need to know where they go in relation to your wall.  It is always best to center pictures on whatever wall you are hanging them on.  Or, if it is a strange space, center them on your furniture piece, like your couch or buffet.  As for size, it is best to leave at least a foot on each side of your couch.  You don't want a piece that overpowers the furniture you are placing it over.
Here is an example of correct size/centering of a piece over furniture:
The mirror is not too large and is centered over the furniture, which is centered on the wall. 
Here is a straight-on look:
Like I have said before, I have been told that I have a problem with having everything symmetrical to the point of being a smidge OCD, but I don't think that's such a bad thing...
Regardless, hopefully this helped those of you who might not have been sure exactly where to hang that new piece of art or mirror!  Stay safe if you are in one of the snowy areas of the country and enjoy your bread and milk sandwiches!!  Ha!


  1. Great tips! Are those cute lamps on top of the piano the bronze ones from Wal-Mart that you blogged about awhile back?

  2. Yes! Same ones! I bought them months later actually when I stopped in there for something else...they looked so good for the price I couldn't pass them up!


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