Monday, February 7, 2011

Curtain panel to pillows!

I have been looking for blue fabric or blue pillows to go in my great room for a while now.  I wanted to bring in the same blue on my couch that I have in my lamp shades and in my art.  I also wanted the fabric to be richer than the cotton fabric on the rest of my pillows.  I was having trouble finding exactly what I wanted though.  When walking by the sale shelf at target recently, I found these curtain panels on clearance.
They are lined with thinsulate and are very fluffy.  The color was perfect and the price was right for me, so I picked up a panel.
You can see the 2 layers of lining here.  They make the pillows so comfy!  Excuse the un-manicured fingers!  I just measured out what I needed and made basic pillow covers.  I used old throw pillows that I wasn't using anymore for the stuffing.  I also have enough fabric left for 2 more pillows if I need some elsewhere!
Here is the finished product.  I spent $20 on the curtain panel and used about half of it.  The pillows I already had, so that comes out to about $5 a pillow.  Not bad!
I love how they are pulling the blue from the picture and the bold color that they add to the couch.
They also help tie-in my lamps to the rest of the room.  I love how searching for the right color paid off!  And yes, I know that's a lot of pillows...I love throw pillows and I'm not ashamed.

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