Wednesday, February 16, 2011

An easy way to customize your bedding

In the Fall, I purchased some new bedding for one of my guest rooms.  It originally had just a white down comforter with a white quilt and some cute pillows that I threw on there to spruce it up a bit.  This is what it looked like fairly soon after we moved in:
Not bad, but I was totally over blue and brown, and was ready for a change.  So when I was browsing the Pottery Barn outlet here, I found this Olive Branch bedding for 75% off...seriously, it was a steal.  I thought it would be the perfect way to warm up the bedroom a bit and introduce some new colors.  The grey/blue that I have on the walls is in the print, so it was perfect!

I'm usually not one for matchy-matchy bedding, but I had some ideas for incorporating other prints into the room, so I snatched it up!
After looking at fabrics for a while, I found this great chevron print by Premier Fabrics that I LOVE.  It is close to the wall color and is large enough not to over-do the whole print-on-print thing. 

We have a store here in town, so I picked up a yard.  I made 2 Euro Sham type pillow covers, and kept the backs solid white.  This way I got the most bang for my buck by only buying a yard of the prints.  I used the same method for making the covers that I used HERE.
I think that they add TONS of character to the current bedding, and I love the print!
Please ignore the way-too-large lamp shades and the plastic that is on them!!  They will be replaced soon, they were just there for practical purposes.  And speaking of the lamps, I got them at LOWES!  I know, right?  But they are white glass and I love them.  They will have appropriately sized shades on them soon enough!
I also have plans for new drapes in the near future...maybe something crisp, white, and airy.  The current ones are the color of the walls and they make me go into grey/blue overload when I walk in there.  I'll let you know what I come up with.
Here is a close up for you of the pillows.  I think they add a lot to the bedding and keep it from looking so bed-in-a-bag.  And the down inserts were $12 a piece so $24 plus $9 for fabric is pretty great for 2 huge pillows! 

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