Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Styled console and new pillows!

While watching my MSU bulldogs fight their way to another loss last night, I managed to go into a stress-induced sewing frenzy which produced some new pillows for my great room. The carpet under the new console piece was fixed today, and the baseboard still has to be replaced, but I started playing with some styling anyway. And my new pillows are looking great with the prints hanging above, so I think they'll stay!
Some new pillows. Coral. Blue. Gold.

Here are some in-progress pics of the room for you...

Door/stairs to master being removed.

And now. Yes, I know there is a reflection on the pic. And it's dark. It was at night and I was kind of in a hurry. I am looking for some lamps to flank each side...possibly floor. I need something large-scale.
Another angle. The carpet was repaired under the far left of the piece where the stairs were, and it is a little noticeable since the replacement patch is brand new and not worn at all. But this cool basket did the trick to hide it.
Here are a couple more before/in-progess pics from another angle.

Still LOTS to do but such an improvement! This makes so much more sense in the house now!!
One of my fun accessories that I found thrifting today. These will probably all change up shortly. 5 points for anyone that can spot the severely overweight cat in this pic!!

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  1. Wow- that looks like a lot of work. It looks lovely, though. That console table is just beautiful- I love the the color you painted it.

  2. Thank you so much! It wasn't as much work as it looks!


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