Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dresser Turned Console: part 1

Since my "Great Room" wall now has twice the space as it did before with the random steps and door gone, I needed a bigger furniture piece to sit there. I found this awesome dresser at the Habitat Re-store (if you have one of these, it's definitely worth a visit!) It came with a matching side table and 2 large mirrors (that I'm re-finishing for the master bath).

You can't tell from the pics, but the finish was in pretty bad shape...lots of scratches, random paint dried all over, etc...
But I loved the look and all of the little details, and it's extremely solid so I knew it was a good quality piece.
Here it is on the newly painted wall! It's just waiting for a makeover.
And this is what is currently happening to it. I bought a quart of this deep grey Sherwin Williams paint in a full gloss enamel. It goes on very thick but you don't need a primer because it adheres to the surface. It needs a couple of days to dry but looks great at the end!
For the knobs, I sprayed one coat of a Bronze color and then came back over it with Gold. When the gold was still wet I used a sponge brush to kind of brush some of the paint off. They are brass and I wanted to re-create that look without all of the crazy cleaning and polishing that would have had to be done to restore their original finish.
An easy way to paint knobs and handles is to stick them in some old cardboard. This helps keep them in place and gives you great angles for spray painting.
For the rings, I just hung them on some scrap trim so I wouldn't have to touch anything.
Stay tuned later this week for "after" shots! It is looking great!!!

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