Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's A Construction Zone Around Here

I thought some of you might be interested in what's been going on in the way of my master bathroom re-do. This really isn't so much a re-do as it is a complete gutting/expanding/reworking of the bathroom/bedroom/closet. I'll just leave it to some pictures.
This was the bathroom when we moved in. Yes, that's carpet...and a peach toilet/sink combo. You're really missing out because you can't see the peach tub to the left with a frosted swan sliding door. The wall jutting out was a stand-up shower. And the florescent lights pretty much round out this tour of awesomeness. Oh, what's that you see...a wooden toilet seat? Why, yes it is! Bonus points!!
The closet was about half this size and was across the little hallway that sat behind the picture taker. The hallway also connected the "Great Room" to the "Master", which was a little awkward. Here's that door if you ever wondered what it's function was:
That door along with the steps had to go. So it did.
Here is a view of the new bathroom/closet from the bedroom. That wall you are looking at came out about 3 feet and the hallway that sat in the middle got taken over by the closet. So, bathroom on the left, closet on the right. We were still able to fit a tub/shower/double vanity/toilet in there, which is great!
 This is standing in the doorway to the great room looking into the bedroom. Still plenty of room in the bedroom even after losing a few feet. You can see where the hallway was by the missing planks in the floor where the wall was. That pattern was the original closet.
Here's the bathroom(well half of it) after some insulation. Tub will be angled on the left, toilet where the big pipe is, vanity where the two wall-mount faucet pipes are on the right, and the shower in the left corner that you can't really see. This wall is where the vanity and toilet were in the "before" pic up top.
And that double vanity...we are working on that. This is pretty much how we got it off of did have a top but that is with the granite guys since they are cutting a new pretty granite top for it. Glass sinks will sit on top.
It's getting a dark Walnut stain which is fitting since it is Walnut. The pattern on the doors and drawers is really beautiful and I think it will look great with the light counter top and tile floors.
 So, back to that door and steps in the great room. Here it is now (I know I'm all over the place with this post, but that's kind of how the house feels too, so just go with it). It will be so nice to have one solid wall! No patchy paneling, no random door and rails and steps.
And here is a view of the bathroom/closet combo after some sheetrock. This is again looking from the master bedroom. That door goes into the bathroom and there is a door right inside to the right that opens into the closet!
It's coming along! I'll continue to post updates as things change, and I'll show you some of the finish choices as well.
The flow and layout of the house is starting to make more sense with these changes, and it's exciting to see it changing!


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