Thursday, January 12, 2012

A few New Year's changes

I promised that I would tell you more about my coffee table that is now an ottoman in THIS post about my DIY moss vase fillers. I have also made a few other changes to the den, so I thought I would show you all in one post. I thought it would be fun to take a look at the den and all of the changes it has been through.
 The first pic is how it looked when we bought it, middle is in-progess painting...yes that's me painting. Such a flattering pic. And on the right is after new paint on all of the trim, walls, and refinished floors...they were still wet.
On the left is what it looked like a month or so after moving in...pretty much using what I had. And the right is the den today. I'm sure it will change again before too long!
One change was getting new prints for these frames. I also wanted to paint them...I was tired of the dark. Those ugly comfortable and not-going-anywhere-anytime-soon couches were enough dark.
So I used a little gold spray paint and ordered new prints from THIS etsy shop. They have so many more prints that I want to order! So fun and different!
I love the new look of them and think it brightens up that wall a bit. I also have a few new pillows. The color splotch pillow was on super clearance at West Elm outlet. The bee medallion pillow (it's kind of hidden) was literally like 2 bucks at Dillard's the day after Thanksgiving. I'm trying to not be so OCD symmetrical with everything. Can you tell?
I also like how the frames contrast with the big print over the side chair. Not quite so matchy-matchy. You may also notice a bigger change...a new rug, and my ottoman.
Oh, and those shades in the with fabric glued to them. No joke. Look on Pinterist for a good tutorial. It is SO easy and inexpensive.
This rug was such a steal! It is actually two seagrass 5x7 rugs from TJ Maxx that were $49.99 each! I had some heavy-duty thread in the same color, so I literally just stitched two sides of it together. Because of the pattern of the rug, you really can't tell! You can't beat $100 for a 7x10 rug.
And as for the ottoman, I apologize for not taking pics of the process, but I got carried away. But all I used were 3 large foam squares that I placed on top, wrapped it in batting that I stapled to the bottom, and then wrapped it again in a fabric I picked up a few weeks ago. I am probably going to get new, sturdier legs...maybe a spindle leg painted gold...we'll see.

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