Monday, January 16, 2012

Before and After: A Quick Look At A Client's Living Room

When my clients moved into their beautiful new house, they didn't exactly have furniture that worked in the space. Truthfully, no furniture would work in this space without it being found specifically for it. This living room has a wall of french doors to the right, an empty wall to the left, a wall-to-wall opening in the back to the kitchen, and a fireplace/built-ins in the front. So basically any furniture placement was going to block something.
The deep red formal drapes were very dark and just for show...not actually functioning. And they weren't really their style. Also the dark painting to the right was competing with the TV. The current arrangement was blocking the great french doors, and there was lots of wasted space behind the couch.
So without changing the wall color, we were able to lighten/casual things up quite a bit. This is only half of the room (there's an awesome sectional behind me...but my phone only does so much). Placing a sectional against the left blank wall really freed up the space. There is actually a recliner to the right behind me as well.
We wanted to go with soothing colors so lots of greens, blues, browns, and beiges. I made the drapes with this amazing fabric that I'm pretty sure I bought the remaining lot of on the entire planet. The custom pinstriped side chairs are meant to flank the fireplace and be functional: They have rolling castors and can move around quite easily to face the fireplace if needed.
The pillows are a sea-foamish color, similar to the medallion print rug though it's hard to tell here. They are velvet with satin ends and add a little sophistication. The built-in's are filled with almost entirely items they already had...just staged to showcase each piece.
I promise to have real pics at some point! I am looking at cameras as we speak...there's a good deal going on with THIS one right now. Any input on cameras before I swipe my card?? Suggestions welcome!

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