Monday, January 2, 2012

DIY Mason Jar Candle sticks

For Christmas, I like to give a lot of homemade gifts to family and friends...I do this because it saves money but also because I feel that it is a lot more thoughtful than some random gift that I found for them last-minute. Christmas is more about the thought than about the commercialized holiday that it has become. I love getting homemade gifts and I think most other people do as well.

This year I wanted to make my mom a couple of those cute "redneck" wine glasses that I have seen at several gift shops. They are a little pricey if you buy them retail, so I decided to make them myself.
Here is a pic of what I'm talking about:

It pretty much involves a Mason Jar and a glass candle stick. So I went to the thrift store and picked up a couple of pretty candle sticks. I already had Mason Jars. I also picked up some glass glue.
But, when I got home, I realized the sticks were TOO big for glasses...they ended up being more appropriate for a rapper. This is all I could picture:

Not what I was going mom looks nothing like this and defnitely doesn't need a "Crunk cup".
So I decided to turn them into candle holders instead. They are much more appropriately-sized for candle holding, and now no one will get my mom confused with Lil'-John.

These are the candle sticks that I chose for the project...for the wine glasses, they would need to be 4-5 inches shorter.
First, I picked up this glue that works on is fairly inexpensive compared to the other glass glues, and worked great!
I applied the glue to the tops of the candle sticks and then centered the jars on top. It dried very quickly and it is super-sturdy.
I took a pic of them after they were dry, and my phone ate it.
But luckily, my mom sent me a couple of pics of what she has done with them so far. They are phone pics so they aren't super-clear, but you get the idea!
She added some glass rocks and a tea light for some color to each one. Cute, huh?
Now do you see how big they would have been as glasses?!
She says she is thinking about tying some twine around the top of each one, which I think will look great! And after looking through Pinterest, I thought I would share some more ideas for these Candle sticks (apparently I'm not the only one that has made them into candle holders as opposed to wine glasses...)
Used as a seasonal decor/candle holder:

Find the post about the two above HERE.

How cute would this be for a kid's party? I love the painted lids and bases:
Find the full post for those HERE.

And another seasonal Idea...this one added knobs to the lids and also painted the bases:
Found HERE
I love using Mason jars in unexpected ways!

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