Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Estate Sale Deals!

I am SO excited about what I snatched up at an estate sale this week (Ok, not exactly snatched up, but I couldn't believe that on the last day of the sale it was still there!
This is a Carver's Guild mirror that had a price tag of $125. I saw it on Sunday, the second day of the sale when it was marked down to $80. But I still couldn't bring myself to spend that much (I'm cheap). But I went back on Monday, thinking for sure that it was gone, and it was STILL THERE! It was marked at $67.50, and after talking them down to $50 and trying not to show how excited I was, I loaded it up!
HERE is one on ebay to show you just how insane $50 for this mirror is!!
I have an idea of where it's going, and I'll post once I make that decision. I also found a few other great things. If you can see what looks like a pile of fabric to the right, that is 4 custom drapery panels that I got for $20 total. I love the print on them and the colors are right on trend.

A tip about estate sales:
Go the first day and scope it out. They usually run 2-3 days. If there is something that you know is an awesome price and will go fast, go ahead and snatch it up. If you have to think on it then wait. Go back on the last day when everything is priced much lower and see if your piece is still there. You would be suprised, like I was!!

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