Monday, April 30, 2012

Shelving Under a Wall-Mounted TV

I know you have been on pins and needles since I told you that my McCarty pieces that previously lived in the kitchen were getting a new home (ok, maybe not, but humor me...) Well, you may remember last year when I decided to tackle a Pinterest project as a temporary shelving idea under the newly mounted TV in the den:
I used crates from Joann's and stained them. This worked for the time being, but I wanted an actual furniture piece there.
 A few weeks ago I walked into Pottery Barn outlet, and saw this...
It's actually PB kids, but we won't tell anybody :) It was the perfect fit for the space and also provides lots of storage. Not to mention it has two nifty back panels, so it was easy to keep one off to allow for outlets/plugs.
All of the DVR and DirecTV boxes are in the closet behind the TV, so I didn't really need a place for those, but I thought my McCarty would be perfect here!
It now holds all of the pieces that aren't being displayed in my Great Room built-ins...
 It also holds extra pillows, my antiique pepsi crate/candle holder, and some old records.
You can see how I left the bottom back panel out, and how the pillows conveniently cover all of that mess up!

So just for fun, lets look waayyyyy back, to where this little space started 4 years ago...
To wear it is now. Much better, I think!
And the best part...I had a $25 off coupon that I got in the mail along with two $25 reward certificates, and with a price tag of $79, this brought my total to around $7!  Not bad considering it is still $250 online!
Have you found any great deals like this lately? I'd love to hear!!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thrifted Thursday! Brass Side Table

If you checked out the guest post that I wrote a couple of weeks ago for Hillary Butler's blog (See the post HERE), then you might remember this picture of my side table in the Great Room.
I found it at Goodwill last year for $5, and I love it! I was originally going to take off the magazine holder, but I'm actually using it stays for now!
The brass birds and glass box are also thrift store finds...I stick fun ornaments in it at Christmas, but right now it's a great coaster holer.
I love how the ring details give the look of bamboo, and it's nice that it doesn't take up lots of space. It fits perfectly next to the couch. It's a little short though, so I'm thinking of adding some casters to the bottom, like I did for my office chair. I don't think rolling will be a problem on the carpet.
And for those of you curious...the lamp is from Lowes (I know, unexpected right?) and the navy shade is from Pottery Barn outlet.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bathroom Remodel Update

I thought you might be interested in an update on the bathroom that I posted about HERE. If you remember, this is where it started once the new studs/plumbing/floors were in:

 And this was it after it got some walls!

 Here is the newest version...with partial paint...and a floor!
 It's kind of hard to get pictures without any lights, but hopefully you get the idea. That large pipe is where the toilet will go. The space in front of it will be the vanity.
 That's the shower on the left, and those 3 pipes will be the slipper tub. The bottom half of the walls will have wainscoting, and the orange protective barrier will be covered with white subway tile.
 Here's a closer look at the floor. It is much whiter than this in person. It's porcelain with the look of marble.
Here is a look at the shower tile. A honeycomb pattern that will look nice with the white subway tile that will go up the wall.
I'll be sure to keep you posted on the progress as soon as there is any :)
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrifted Thursday:Unexpected Use For a Decorative Plate!

This week I wanted to show you an easy and stylish way to corral your jewelry! I like to have a place to put the jewelry that I wear the most close-by where I can easily find it the next day!

I found this beautiful plate while thrifting for $0.99! It's perfect for this because the scalloped edges provide a lip to keep everything on the plate.

These are the pieces that I wear the most often...and a new pair of coral studs that I can't wait to wear!
 (FYI, that clinique tube is "black honey", for any wondering.) And that gold ribbon bracelet? That's an easy DIY...head on over to THIS POST to see how I did it!
I also use this little porceline box, a $0.59 find to hold pony-tail holders, bobby pins, and other stuff my retainer. That's so hot, right?

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When I'm not Staging and Spray-Painting...

I am always really hesitant to make my blog very personal, since this is a site to compliment my actual business website and to give some insight into my job and also how that translates to my own home, but I thought you may like to see what I've been up to may be surprised!

Hanging out with babies...
 This is Charles, who's room you may remember from this post.

This one was too funny not to post...this is my godson Wade. Taking his self-portrait.

My friend Mackenzie with Helen, one of her twin  may remember her from this post.
We were hanging out at an Easter-eve concert here in Memphis at the Levitt's a great place to watch a show and picnic!

I also got to ride-along in a racecar!!

I survived!
And got to meet Jeffrey Earnhardt (Dale's grandson)! If you know me you know how cool this was!

And yesterday, I got to meet my favorite band Chevelle and watch their entire show from the stage! They performed at Minglewood Hall in Memphis. I LOVE music and getting close to the action was such a treat!

My view...

 They were so nice! I am obviously saying something really profound telling them thank you over and over and rambling on and on about who knows what...I am such a nerd!!!

They are a little heavy for some people's taste, but that's my jam! Here is my favorite song. It's actually one of their tamer ones :)
I hope you enjoyed a look into my past couple of weeks! Was it what you expected?
See y'all back here for "Thrifted Thursday!"

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Don't Be Crewel! (Thrifted Thursday)

No, I'm not a bad speller...I'm just a bad punner , pun maker? Whatever. You should just be impressed that I worked Elvis and a sewing technique into my title...I am a Memphis thrifter after all.

There is a new thrift store type place not too far from my usual spots, so I thought I would check it out. It was a little chaotic there, but I managed to snag two beautiful crewel pillows for a total of $12!

I have them in the great room right now because the colors were great for in there. These items are hand sewn (and a little secret, there was an antique store tag inside one for $40...)

Crewel is simply sewing a pattern on top of a fabric...usually using some type of wool. You can see the detail in the pic below.
I absolutely LOVE these, and am so excited about this fun find!!

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