Thursday, March 8, 2012

Neutral Nursery

When one of my clients (who has become a close friend) told me that they were expecting, I was SO excited to have the opportunity to work on the nursery! They wanted to use a room that was currently empty with green walls and heavy denim (yes, denim) drapes from the previous owner.
They wanted a neutral room that could transition as their baby (who they found out was a boy) grew, and didn't scream "baby". They also wanted to work with the green walls. Here are a few "after" pics. These are from my phone so not perfect, but I didn't have my camera handy!

They picked out an awesome glider and had custom bedding made. It all looks great, and we just built off of their choices. The custom chevron drapes helped break up the green walls and bring the neutrals up to the ceiling.
The train painting was a custom piece designed by Hillary Butler. You may remember another post with one of her pieces HERE. She does fabulous work, so check out her site!
We wanted art that complimented the room but brought some layers of color and could be used in other parts of the house in the future or in his room as he continued to grow.
The shelves I picked for the walls flanking the large window are covered with punched tin and have a rustic wood top. They were perfect for adding some pieces with personality and pops of color. I chose orange as a secondary color in the room to contrast the beiges, browns, and green walls.
I also chose an end table that can function as a bedside table as he gets older.
I designed this large wood piece for above the changing table, and added additional color washes over the wood. I used the orange again to personalize the piece with an initial. The rustic feel helps balance out the newer, sleek furniture pieces in the room.
A wider shot for reference and a view of the matching shelf.
This shelf sits on the far right wall and it was much needed for all of the fun things that were collected at baby showers! We used several styles of baskets to hold all of the soft and fluffy accessories, and accented the shelves with some new and passed-down pieces. We also used a frame that was a gift as well as a silhouette of the baby's father to finish off the top shelf!
I hope you enjoyed the nursery tour! It's newest resident made his debut this weekend!


  1. Looks fantastic and I LOVE Hillary's painting. She is so talented.

  2. Beautiful nursery. But.... I have to say, that when my oldest was born, we had denim curtains hanging up in his nursery..... his theme was John Deere (and this was just a couple of years before John Deere became big as decor) and the curtains came from Pottery Barn--- VERY expensive--- and the part that hooked around the rods were overall hooks. It really went with the theme. So not ALL denim curtains are bad. ;) I still have them in storage because one day I want to have another John Deere room somewhere! It was beautiful.

  3. Thank you, Holly! I know, I want Hillary's paintings all over my house!

    And Mandy, that sounds so cute! These were nice too...custom and triple lined...but just as far from neutral and "light" as you could get!! And the denim had faded in big spots from the sun! I would love to see pics from the cute John Deere room!!


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