Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Working With What You Have: A Painted Mailbox

My house's mailbox is on the dated side...just your basic black (faded) box and some granny-ish railing supporting it. This is it...not much to look at. It pretty much served as a place for all of the neighborhood dogs to do their business(see large grass-less spots.)

I didn't feel like digging all of that up and buying a new one, so I bought some spray paint,

And some wildflower-looking plants,
And turned it into this:
Here's one minus the dog...
I figure that you shouldn't take your mailbox too seriously, and should have a little fun with it. The bricks that I used as the "flower bed border" were from the backyard.
The support railing got a quick coat or ORB spray paint that I already had, and the numbers and hardware got a coat of copper (also had on-hand). Even the flag got a fresh coat of red.
(Yes I painted a broken number and put it back up there...)
To paint the mailbox, just unscrew it where it is attached to the support and it comes right off. When using spray paint, spray several thin and even coats to get good coverage. It's easy!

One thing is for sure, when giving directions now, all I have to say is, "the first blue mailbox on the left!"
Now if I can just do something about that missing patch of grass...let's just hope the dogs don't decide to use my flowers as the new hot spot to relieve themselves.

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for "Thrifted Thursday!"


  1. You could always extend the bed clear to sidewalk and down to driveway and curb and forget about grass. Easier to mow that way too! Of course that entails more digging and more plants. You could add a few small shrubs that would give you all year structure. Roylyn

  2. Cute!! Love that you called yourself out on the broken number.. haha.


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