Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Home's Newest Residents: Succulents

Every year around this time, the plants in the garden section at Home Depot quiver in their pots. They see me coming and know that it means certain death for whomever I take home with me. It never fails, I either don't read the plant's sun requirements, forget to water it, or it just dies from fear on the way to my house and I don't realize it until it has been planted. Whatever it is, I kill every single plant I buy.
So this year I thought I would try a more plants-for-dummies approach. I bought some cacti and succulents.
 I'm not sure which is which, but either way they are supposed to be able to live in a well-lit place in my home. We'll see how this goes.
I had two pots that would be perfect. The one on the right I found for $0.59 while thrifting with my mom this weekend (see the cute jeans I found that day HERE), and the one on the left I picked up on the side of the road. It was with my knitting stand, but I went back and picked it up with the car like a normal person (that picks things up on the side of the road).
 I placed two plants in the larger planter, and one in the smaller. Right now they are sitting together in the den on the side table. This will probably change, like everything else around here.
 They are so cute and so far so good (it's been an hour). Maybe I can save my reputation among the Home Depot plants this year. I'm crossing my fingers!
Have any of you had success with these types of plants? Any tips you can offer to me? I would love to hear them!
And speaking of thrifted items, check back tomorrow for the first installment of my new weekly feature, "Thrifted Thursday"! Each week will showcase a different thrift store gem! I'm excited to start sharing these with you!

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