Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrifted Thursday:Unexpected Use For a Decorative Plate!

This week I wanted to show you an easy and stylish way to corral your jewelry! I like to have a place to put the jewelry that I wear the most close-by where I can easily find it the next day!

I found this beautiful plate while thrifting for $0.99! It's perfect for this because the scalloped edges provide a lip to keep everything on the plate.

These are the pieces that I wear the most often...and a new pair of coral studs that I can't wait to wear!
 (FYI, that clinique tube is "black honey", for any wondering.) And that gold ribbon bracelet? That's an easy DIY...head on over to THIS POST to see how I did it!
I also use this little porceline box, a $0.59 find to hold pony-tail holders, bobby pins, and other stuff my retainer. That's so hot, right?

PS....some exciting news! I now have a "Thrifted Thursday" button to share with you! Please do me a favor and copy this button and put it somewhere on your blog to get the word out about this new feature! It's small and fits perfectly on your sidebar (hint, hint :).

MidSouth Stagers

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