Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recent Client Work

I thought I would share a few pics of a job that I have been working on lately. Linda has a beautiful home, but wanted some fresh updates throughout the space. We are working room by room and we started by tackling her dining room built-ins. She just needed some "staging" help to make her shelves make sense.
Here is one of the shelves before:
We pulled all of her blue pieces from around the house and made a collection on the shelves. She also had some great vintage and coffee table books that help add dimension! Just some simple changes.
 Here is a view of both shelves before:
We took away the fake plants and used the same blue collection from throughout the house on the right hand shelves as well. The chairs were set up for a party, but you get the idea. And by using some fresh blue flowers we pulled the blue from the shelves to the center of the room as well.
Next we moved on to the living area. I made a few new pillows to replace the dark and dated ones that she had...I had a helper while measuring :)
I paired the pretty brown, cream and blue print with a complimentary stripe to add some dimension to the pillows. Natural piping finished off the look:
 I am THE WORST at getting "before" pictures, but here is an after with the new pillows and some fresh lillies! We also replaced a dark throw blanket with a bright cream one.
We are still working on this room in terms of art and placement, but it is already freshened up!
Placing two slender lamps on the console behind the couch adds some needed lighting. Eventually a taller and skinnier art piece will be here to complete the vignette!
I'll be sure to update you as we work through this beautiful house! Thank you Linda for letting me share how small changes can make a big difference!

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