Monday, August 22, 2011

DIY Tissue Paper Puffs

Tissue paper puffs are an easy way to add lots of color to a space for a shower or party. They are pretty easy to make, all you need is tissue paper in whatever colors you're planning on using, floral wire, scissors, and something to hang them with (I used fishing line).
You need 8-10 sheets of paper per puff.
First you lay out the papers on a flat surface, all stacked on top of one another.
Yes, that's a dog bone...I block these things out.
Next, you fold the paper back and forth, in about one inch folds like an accordian. Kind of like how you would make a fan when you were a kid.
Once you have folded the paper all the way up, find the middle, and cut a piece of floral wire. Wrap the wire around the middle and make sure it is pretty tight. If you want a smaller puff, you can cut your tissue paper in half long-ways. This will make the puff half the size.
After you have secured the wire, use your scissors to shape the edges. You can cut them to a point or leave them rounded. Just make sure that the ends are symmetrical.
I was doing this by myself, so I didn't get a picture of the last step, but HERE is one from, along with a tutorial (that I found after I made mine!).
At this point, before you pull the sheets apart, go ahead and tie your fishing line around the center (this will make it easier to find once the puff is full).
Pull each sheet of paper apart from the others, separating them one at a time. Be careful not to rip the paper when you do this!

Once you are finished, trim your fishing line to whatever length you need it, and hang it from the ceiling, a light fixture, etc...
Here is the finished product:
I used several colors and made both large and small ones to add layers.
This took care of the space in front of the window without having a large floral arrangement to get in the way! I secured these to the curtain rod. They are really light so I didn't have to worry about them weighing anything down.
Here's a closer look

These are really fun to make and I love how inexpensive they were!

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