Saturday, May 1, 2010

Southern Living Project-of-the-month: Glass stencils!

You might have noticed that last month I did not post a Southern Living project. I tried really hard to find something in April's issue worth trying, but I was a little disappointed that I couldn't. So I figured I would just wait until May. And May's issue certainly didn't disapoint! It was like they knew that I was looking for a great DIY project and so they delivered! This is something that looks pretty easy and also easy on the budget!
How great are these glasses? My plan is to do this for a housewarming gift for some friends but instead of numbers, use their last initial. What do you think?

Southern living even provided step-by-step instructions and pictures for anyone wanting to try this!

I also want to try this on a mirror. I think it looks really custom and is a great alternative to a frame.
I love this mirror and I think I will use the stencil I already have from THIS lamp makeover project.
Stay tuned for a follow up for this project and March's project(I know, a little late!)

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