Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I'm sure you are wondering what Cinco De Mayo has to do with staging, decorating, or DIY. Well, you are right to wonder, because in most cases, the answer is absolutely nothing. But in our house this was not the case. If you remember my Southern Living project of the month from a few months ago (you can read about it here), you will also remember that I have a lot of fresh herbs growing in my back yard, one of these being cilantro. And what better dish to use fresh cilantro in, than homemade quacamole? And what better day to make quacamole than Cinco De Mayo? I know, its like the whole 6 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon thing. But now you know why this post makes sense!

I decided to take pictures of the guacamole making process so that you can do this in your own home! It is SO EASY. I made this recipe up myself, but it is pretty basic, and anything can be added or taken away.
These are the ingredients that I used. Cilantro from my yard, red onion, avocado, roma tomatoes (they have fewer seeds than regular tomatoes), lime, and salt to taste. Don't you just love my Mississippi cutting board? It was a great Christmas present from my mom a couple of years ago. We love having pieces of our home state around the house.
This is everything cut up. I show this mostly because the colors are so pretty, but also so that you can see the size of the pieces once cut. You can just scoop the avocado out with a spoon and then smash it in the bowl.
I like mine pretty chunky but if you want yours really smooth you might want to thrown the avocado in the food processor before adding the other ingredients. At the end squeeze fresh lime over the dip. This brings out all of the flavors and keeps the dip green for longer! If you are having trouble getting the juice out of the lime, put it in the microwave for a few seconds (my husband did this and I thought he was crazy but it really works!)
And what Cinco De Mayo would be complete without a quesadilla or two and some yummy margaritas! (These might actually be daquiris since I used strawberry vodka instead of rum or tequila. This is still up for debate but regardless, they were really yummy. Notice someone couldn't wait to start drinking his before I could take the picture.)
Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!!!

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