Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thrifted Thursday...back with some vintage luggage action!

I know, it's been a little while...but that's OK. It's my blog and I can post when I want to...(if you sang that sentence then we are totally on the same page).
I wanted to share a quick side table idea that I put together. I recently sold my den side tables at a yard sale (they had a glass top and shelves on the bottom=super hard to keep clean). So my lamps sat on the floor for a couple of weeks. Then, on two separate Goodwill trips, I picked up a vintage briefcase, and a really awesome giant picnic basket.
I still needed a base, so I scoped out the local neighborhood streets and...SCORE!
 These guys (the bottom two) were just sitting with someone's trash.
 I love the different looks and textures of each one and how they stack nicely to the perfect height!
These are vintage Platt suitcases from somewhere around the 30's-50's, and are apparently sort of rare. It made me a little sad that this even has someones initials but was still thrown out. (You can't see the initials unless you pull up the handle)
So for $10 total I have a new side table. And if I need to store things like blankets in the Summer I have a perfect place!
A tip for those of you wanting to find cool things like this for free and don't mind doing a little leg work: drive around your local neighborhoods the night before garbage day. You would be surprised the things that people toss out! The funny thing is that this is exactly what I went looking for and found it on the first try! That never actually happens!

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