Monday, September 24, 2012

Using magazines in everyday decor

If you are like me, you get several magazine subscriptions and aren't sure what to do with all of them after you've read them or while you are waiting to read them.
I like to keep some of mine for tips/recipes so I keep them stacked together and use them as part of my room's decor! If they are kept neatly it doesn't just look like a pile of mail.
 I love my Mississippi magazines and can't bear to throw away all of the good stuff that is inside, so I use them on top of the table under my TV so it's not just a bare surface.
 They work perfectly to add some interest without blocking the TV! The white covers give them a sleek look without being distracting.
What do you do with your old magazines? Recycle? Donate? Hoard them like me? I'd love to know!

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