Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dropcloths: A solution for inexpensive drapes

I purchased a dropcloth a little while back to possibly use as some kind of window treatment at my parents' house after looking at the one currently on my bathroom floor (being used as an actual drop cloth) and realizing what a great thickness and natural look it had!
Then I started seeing them used other places by actual designers:

Jenny from Little Green Notebook rounded up a lot more of these pics for can see them all HERE.

Then I saw some in person at a friend's house and they looked great! So I thought we could give it a try. This is a VERY in-progress pic, but you get the idea:
I re-used an old brass rod that I painted oil-rubbed bronze, and then picked up some ORB clip rings at Walmart. I had to hem the drapes since they are 10 ft by 6 ft, but they are a great width for the windows and are nice and thick. And for only $10 a pop, a great deal!
See some more in-progress pics of this room HERE.

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