Sunday, April 18, 2010

Vases and Blooms on a Budget

I apologize for the lack of posting last week...I have been really busy with work and also working on a few DIY projects that you will soon see on the blog!
Today's is about bringing a little of the outside in and spending as little as possible without sacrificing style! I have been eyeing some "Found" vintage wine jugs on for a few weeks. I love them, not the price tag. With prices ranging from $99-$279, these were NEVER going to be in the budget. So I started my wheels turning to figure out how to get the look without the price. If you've read my blog before, you know that I love a good thrift shop find. So this is where I started. But first, my inspiration:

These are the Pottery Barn wine jugs that will cost you a pretty penny. But I love the color and the simple, natural look of them.

I also love the shape and size of these vases, also from Pottery Barn.

These are some more "Found" bottles from Pottery for $36 each. A little steep if you ask me. So I set out for the thrift store. After spending a grand total of $4, I was pretty proud of myself. I also made a 50 cent find at a neighborhood garage sale. I rounded out my shopping trip with a stop in TJ Maxx and shelled out $16 for a large vase (more than I usually spend, but after comparing to $279, I couldn't pass it up!)

Here is my complete new vase/bottle collection! Total price was 20 bucks! The flowers were free. They were from a bush outside of my house (ok on a bush that could possibly be my neighbors', but they won't know the difference).

A closer look at my thrift store finds! I love the blue tint and how each bottle and vase is different and unique.

I really think they add a lot to my little dining room corner and the white flowers look great with all of my white accents in the room!
While thrift shopping, I also found some great white vases for another grouping. My inspiration was from the blog YoungHouseLove. If you have never read this blog, you should! This couple are who I strive to one day be. They have redone their entire, old house on an amazing budget and it looks like it came straight from a magazine!
These are some vases they have in their house, from IKEA, and I love the look of them grouped together!

So with 3 more 99c thrift store finds, I made my own grouping! And I again used azaleas from my yard (these actually are from my yard!). My mantle is just a temporary home for these. They will hopefully end up on my newly refurbished coffee table that I will be posting about soon!
What have you found at a thrift store that you are proud of? I love to see how people make one person's trash their own treasure!!


  1. Hi Lauren~

    I like the vases that you found! And the price is SO much better, too! I especially love the white vases and they look perfect grouped together like that.

    Oh, and you're completely right~ the couple you mentioned are so amazing! I first found out about them through a magazine, I think the "Fresh Home" magazine. (That is a wonderful magazine, by the way!)

    I hope you are having a great week! :)


  2. Thanks Jenni! I love reading you blog!


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