Friday, July 20, 2012

Have You Tried "Chip It"?

I am excited about a new service from Sherwin Williams that I recently discovered! It's called Chip It and you use it similar to the Pin It button for pinterest. You can go to the Chip It site and grab the button to add to your favorites bar. Then whenever you find a picture you like on a website, you can "Chip It" and it will create an entire color palette for you!
How useful would this be if you have a statement art piece and want to design a room's color scheme around it?
I used this Jessie Mackay piece from my pinterest board to try it out:
How cool is that? Instant throw pillow and accessory ideas!

I also tried it on an inspiration bedroom that I had pinned.
You could even use this for help with accessorizing an outfit:

I also thought this might be useful when choosing a matte color for a picture you were having framed. Any of these that it selected would work! I love the Seaworthy and Overt Green.
Just a warning, you are going to want to do this to every picture that you find! I think this is a great idea! And it's so simple to use. It stores all of your "chips" on their site. You just need to sign up.

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  1. Oooh! So fun. There goes the next few hours of my life...


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